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22 March: Conference, "Writing in a Mediterranean Island: Between Languages and Literary Spaces", Mediterranean Topographies/Comparative Literature Workshop, Centre for European Studies, International Institute, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor-Michigan, USA.

23 March: Poetry reading in Turkish and English, Mediterranean Topographies/Comparative Literature Workshop, UMMA Multi-purpose room, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor-Michigan, USA.

2-7 May: Poetry reading in Turkish and Hebrew, International Poetry Festival, Galilee, Israel.

1 June: Conference, "L`amour dans la poésie chypriote contemporaine", Department of Modern Greek, University of Jean Moulin Lyon 3, Lyon, France.

3-7 October: Literary Encounters in the Eastern Black Sea Region: "Beyond Borders in Literature",

3 October 13:30-15:00, conference, Department of English Language and Literature, Black Sea Technical University, Trabzon;

4 October 13:30-15:00, conference, Department of Turkish Language and Literature, Trabzon;

4 October 18:00-20:00, meeting with readers and reading day, Sanatevi Arts Centre, Trabzon;

5 October, 17:00-19:00, Serüven Bookshop, Ordu; 6 October 16:00-18:00, Endülüs Bookshop, Samsun, organized by: Ada literary journal and Black Sea Writers' Union, Turkey.

2 November: Ankara Literary Encounters: Meeting with the students at the Centre for Turkish Literature (TEM), Faculty of Communication, Bilkent Literature Society,

12:40-13:40, Bilkent University; Meeting with readers and book signing day,

17:00-19:00, Tayfa Book & Café, Selanik Road, Ankara, Turkey.

17-19 November: Turkish-Slovene poetry reading and a conference on poetry translation, together with Ales Steger, the Turkish-Slovene translation workshop, organized by: Translation Association of Turkey, Kumbaraci50 Theatre, Istanbul, Turkey.

23 November, Friday, "New Tendencies in the Recent Literature", meeting with the students at the Faculty of Communication and Public Relations, Izmir Economy University;

24 November, Saturday, meeting with readers and book signing day, Yakin Bookshop;

26 November, Monday, 17:00, "Post-Colonial Literary Theory versus Experiences of Writing", conference at the Faculty of Communication, Students' Club, Izmir Economy University, Izmir, Turkey.


2-14 February: Creative Development Workshop for Children, Sidestreet Cultural Centre, Nicosia, Cyprus.

14-19 April: Poetry reading in Turkish and Slovenian, Literature, and poetry translation workshops, “Studentska zalozba Academic Press”, Ljubljana, Bled, Piran, Slovenia.

21 April: Fabula conference on Europe and Islam: Experiences of Mysticism and Literature, Ljubljana, Slovenia.

10-12 June: Meeting and book signing days, Book Festival of La Canebiere, Marsielles, France.

6-12 August: Poetry reading in Turkish, English and Chinese, Qinghai Lake International Poetry Festival, Beijing and Qinghai Highlands, China.

7-12 September: Vilenica International Literature Festival, Vilenica and Ljubljana, Slovenia.

5 November: Conference in English, Nicosia as a Cosmopolitan Capital City of Levant, London Metropolitan University, Leventis Museum, Nicosia, Cyprus.

1-6 December: Poetry reading in Spanish and Turkish, Festival Internacional de Poesia en Cartgaena, Cartagena, Colombia.


18 March: Poetry reading in English, at 19:00, Presented by Barry Schawabsky, Parasol Unit Arts Gallery, 14 Wharf Rd. N1, London, Britain.

3-9 April: Fairy tales reading to street children, Sidestreet Cultural Centre, Sarayounu Square, Nicosia, Cyprus.
23 April: Poetry and visual arts performance in Turkish, English, and Greek, Apotheke, Public Spaces Art Works, Fanaromeno Green Line region, Nicosia, Cyprus.

10-15 May: Poetry reading and round table discussions, Sarajevo International Poetry Festival, Sarajevo, Mostar, Sanki Most, BiH.

16 May: European poetry meeting and reading day, Stockholm, Sweden.

29-31 July: Poetry reading in Greek and Turkish, Tinos International Literary Festival, Tinos Island, Greece.

20 August: Poetry reading, 20:00, Etnologiko Mouseio Thraki Alexandroupolis,  Greece.

3 September: Meeting on "Identities and Identity Movements", 20:30, Isik Kitabevi Book Fair, Nicosia, Cyprus.

1-7 November: Meeting with audience, Istanbul Book Fair, (exact day and place will be confirmed), Istanbul, Turkey.

25-28 November: Meeting on "Redefining the Borders of European Literaure", European Writers Parlaiment in '2010 European Capital' Istanbul, Turkey.

European Poetry Reading Day, "Poetry-Identity-Coexistence", 21 March 2009, 19:30, Famagusta Gate, Nicosia, Cyprus.

Introducing his recent poetry book in Turkish (Kalbi Durmuş Zamanda) and Poetry Reading Day, 8 April 2009, Sidestreets, Nicosia, Cyprus.

Conference and Poetry Reading, "L'euro-Méditerranée", 24-25 Poetry 2009, Nantes, France.

Meetings with the Readers, 30 May 2009, 16:00, D & R Bookshop, Beyoglou-Istanbul, Turkey.

Meeting and Reading for "Istanbul, travéerse", Europe XXL, 4-5 July 2009, Lille, France.

Poetry Reading, "Days of Poetry and Wine", 25-29 August 2009, Ljubljana-Ptuj-Medana, Slovenia.

Conference on "the Culture of Books and Fascistic Motives Against the Search for Freedoom in Cyprus", 4 September 2009, 20.30, Isik Kitabevi Book Fair, Gençlik Merkezi, Nicosia, Cyprus.

Poetry and Literature Festival, "Festival East-West", 21-28 September 2009, Die, France.

Introducing his French Publications, "Meeting with Mehmet Yashin, Demir Ozlu and Moris Farhi", 30 September 2009, 19.00, Vaugirard Library, Paris, France.

Poetry and Literature Festival, 23-26 October 2009, Bordeaux, France.

Presentation on Mehmet Yashin's French poetry book and a Meeting together with Greek novelist Takis Theodoropoulos, chair: Marie-Michele Martinet, Festival Litteratures Europeennes, 20 November 2009, at 15.00, Cognac, France.

Introducing his Italian Publications, Argo Publishing, Librerie Liberrima, 23 November 2009, at 19:30 Lecce, Italy.

Conference and Poetry Reading, "Gazes on the Souths", 26 November 2009, University of Bari, Italy.

Meeting, "International Literature on Exile" Pompediou Centre Library, together with Neil Bissondaty, Eduardo Manet, Daniel Maximin and Jean-Luc Raharimanana, 29 November 2009, at 20.00, Paris, France.

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