Everything should be poetry. To die for! There should be love, or you won’t play.
And life should be as strong as death. As if poetry and love
were one... You should become one with all.
A pendulum swings in the emptiness of existence,
hitting mountain peaks at times and the waves of the sea at others.

As the strength to hold your breath grows weak you should surface
so as to plunge back into the same game after inhaling once.
Fine but hey nobody’s obliged to give you the kiss of life.
So it’s your trouble and yours alone that you’re a strange player
with wind-like wings who can only survive between fire and water.

That’s what you say, though you want those you make yourself read to see
the poem you lay with cleft pomegranates ablaze at your feet
Yet the readers do dabble in the doodles of poetry
and they do plant a kiss on you for love of those fine details, occasionally.
You collect the kisslings

hoping they’ll turn into a long big one.      [But nothing
comes of kissing.]


Artistic & Academic Works
12 June 2024, Nicosia: “An-Other Word”. Opening by Rita Severis, trilingual poetry performance by Mehmet Yashin, conversation and book signing. Wednesday, 19:00, CVAR—Severis Foundation, 285 Ermou Street, Nicosia.
40th Anniversary Celebrations of Mehmet Yaşın’s first poetry book My Love the Dead Soldier Mehmet Yashin’s poetry and literary works are being celebrated in the whole of Cyprus, as well as in Turkey, Greece and England. A series of cultural and artistic events is being organised in Cyprus, Turkey, Greece and England to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Mehmet Yashin’s first published poetry book My Love the Dead Soldier. The events scheduled are: A concert (Nicosia), three exhibitions (Nicosia, Kyrenia, Istanbul), two performances (Nicosia, London), four conversations (Nicosia, Kyrenia, London, Athens), a panel discussion (Limassol), and three book launches and signing sessions (Nicosia, İstanbul, Athens). As part of these events, reproductions of Mehmet Yashin’s artworks will be introduced to the public; K24 (Istanbul) will be presenting a special book file containing all the events as archival material, and also including literary critical essays on Yashin’s works.