Street Theatre’s by the poems of Mehmet Yashin and other Post-74 Turkish-Cypriot and Greek-Cypriot poets, 1979-1980, Turkish-Cypriot Manicupality Market Place, Nicosia. The photos of the Street Theatre’s performances were exhibited in the Open Space Photography Exhibition in the following years, at the Kyrenia Gate, Nicosia.

Recording of Poetry Reading (Live)

Passionnément – Mehmet Yashin

Poetry reading in Turkish and French in 10 June 2011 at cipM, Marsielles.


The Shaw Theatre concert on Mehmet Yashin’s poems by Andreas & Can Tufan, 1989, London. Mehmet Yashin also participated to perform some of his poems which was arranged to music. Some of compositions by Can Tufan was came out in later years in Istanbul as a music CD entiteld “My Love, the Dead Soldier”, similar title with Mehmet Yashin’s first poetry collection.

Deniztaslari, Osman & Petek Cankoy, Songs composed by Cypriot musicians from Mehmet Yashin's early poems (1978-1986), CD, Nicosia, LTB, 2004

“Wartime”, a poem by Mehmet Yashin was composed by Yannis Kyriakides and perfomed by Brodsky Quartet & Lore Lixenberg, as a part of the project entitled "Trees, Walls, Voices, Cities" a European cultural project on conflicting cities in Europe and Mediterranean (2012-2015). The visual effects of for the actual composition was also by Yiannis Kyriakides visual. After the London concert of the Brodsky Quartet & Lore Lixenberg, the performance was repeated in from Dublin to Jerusalem, and from Sarajevo to Nicosia (Shoe Factory, 2014)

Visual Arts

A poetry-installation by Mehmet Yashin for the “Leaps of Feith: International Arts Project for the Green-Line and the City of Nicosia, 2005” – The ghost-like lectern was erected in one of the main square in the Turkish-Cypriot side of Nicosia, which onces (21 September 1988) the poet was forbid to read his poems alongside with the other poets. This poetry-installation which is entitled “Poetry-is-outside-of-Border”, and reads the poems by Mehmet Yashin with his own voice and in three languages with an automatic audio system.

Aunt-Ology of Mehmet Yashin, Helene Black, Turkish-English-Russian video installation, DVD, Nicosia-Moscow, NeMe, 2008

Dead House: A poetry installation by Mehmet Yashin, "Suspended Spaces", at la Maison de la Culture d'Amiens and several other museums and galleries, 18-23 January 2010, Amiens, France.

Video et Après, screening of a version of the Dead House poetry installation. The same work has also been published in the book Suspended Spaces #1, 17 January 2011, Pompidou Centre, Paris, France.

TyPoEm: Students from Frederick University have designed and produced posters from the Greek translations of Mehmet Yashin's poems, 22-25 March 2011, ‘Peace Arts Galery,’ Nicosia greenline, Cyprus. The posters were also placed on billboards at bus stops in Nicosia.

Turkish film director Ümit Ünal who made drawings with the inspiration of Abuk, Mehmet Yashin’s poetry collection (Doğan Kitap, 2017, Istanbul), exhibited his art works at the Istanbul Concept Gallery (2018).


The conference and its collected volume entitled “Turkish-Cypriot Identity in Literature”. The conferance was organized under Mehmet Yashin’s initiative and the outcome of the conference was edited by him. The book includes his essay alongside the other participants.

The conference of “From Nationalism to Multiculturalism: Literatures of Cyprus, Greece and Turkey” at Middlesex University, London which was organized and opened by Mehmet Yashin in 1997 was the first of its kind to bring leading Greek, Turkish, Cypriot and other scholars to talk on the modern Turkish and Greek lanuages literatures. Edited volume of the conference entitled “Step-Mothertongue: From Nationalism to Multiculturalism: Literatures of Cyprus, Greece and Turkey” was published in 2000 by the Middlesex University Press.

Rosita D’Amora, “Writing through Osmotic Borders: Boundaries and Liminality in Mehmet Yashin’s ‘Deportation Hours’,” a study of Mehmet Yashin’s novel The Hours of Deportation was published in Thinking on Tresholds: The Poetics of Transitive Spaces (edited by Subha Mukherji, London: Anthem Press, 2011). Mehmet Yashin’s poetry was published in the same book. Rosita D’Amora has also offered a conference on the same topic at the Astragali Teatro in Italy on 9 March, 2011.

Lectures by Mehmet Yashin on poetry, exile and the literatures of islands have been published in the volume of D’encre et d’exil insulaires (alongside with talks by Neil Bissondath, Roland Brival, Jerome Ferrari, Dany Laferriere, Eduardo Manet, and Jean-Luc Raharimanana) by Bibliotheque Centre Pompidou, Paris, 2011.

Russian poet and translator Vladimir Aristov has offered a conference on Mehmet Yashin’s poems in the context of multilingualism and multiculturalism, at the Institute of Linguistic, Russian Academy of Science, 19 October 2010, Moscow. The text will be published in an edited volume in Moscow.

"The Series of Modern Turkish Cypriot Literature" was published. Mehmet Yashin was acting as the general editor and project director of the project. There are 8 books in this bi-lingual (Turkish-English) series which were prepared by the "Cypress Research, Translation and Publication Group": Poetry, Operetta and Plays, Memoirs and Travel Writing, Short Stories, Novels, Essays, Literary Criticism and Study, Biographies and Bibliography


Mehmet Yashin has offered a talk entitled “Writing from a Mediterranean Island: Between Languages and Literary Spaces” for Mediterranean Topographies/Comparative Literature Workshop, at the Centre for European Studies, University of Michigan, International Institute, 22 March 2012, Ann Arbor-Michigan, USA.




Artistic & Academic Works